How it works

If you are interested in DoggieWalker services, please contact me and arrange for your free of charge Meet and Greet Appointment in your home.  This is an opportunity to get to know each other and for you to tell me exactly what your pet needs are.

We can discuss the details of service such as length and pace of walks, frequency and time of visits, billing, contracts and any specific needs your pet has.  

Should you decide that DoggieWalker is what you are looking for; you will receive a Welcome Pack that contains our service agreement, my contact information, Client and Dog information sheets and veterinarian contact details.  As all pet are required to have up to date vaccinations, I will retain a copy of your pet’s vaccination records for my files.

Before our walks or visits can begin, I will need a copy of your house key.  We will sign a key receipt and your key will be kept in a locked safe, separate from your home address.

After these details are completed, we can decide on a start date so that your pet can settle into a happy and healthy routine. 

How it works