....DoggieWalker can help!

My name is Lori Möller and my company, DoggieWalker, was founded in 2012.

DoggieWalker is a customized Dog Walking and Pet Sitting service that provides daily dog walks and pet care in the Western Gothenburg area. Helping pet owners keep their pets happy and healthy is DoggieWalker's main priority!

Being a lifelong pet owner, animal lover and experienced animal care provider, I know that dogs and cats are much more than just pets! They are often family members that require loving attention, exercise and playtime.

By offering a variety of services to meet your pet care needs, DoggieWalker will help your pet maintain a normal routine in your home environment. 

My vision is to be a knowledgeable leader in professional pet care by providing reliable and convenient services.

To learn more or sign up for DoggieWalker's services in the Gothenburg area, contact me to arrange a personal meeting.

DoggieWalker is VAT-registered and fully insured.

....DoggieWalker can help!